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Canakkale Trojan Horse

Discovering Canakkale: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Canakkale, a charming city located in the northwestern part of Turkey, has a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene that attracts travelers from all over the world.

It is a city that is nestled in between the Aegean Sea and the Marmara Sea, and it is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including mountains, forests, and beaches. Canakkale is popular for those who want to experience the best of Turkey’s culture, history, and natural wonders.

 In this travel guide, we will explore the top attractions and activities in Canakkale, and help you plan your next trip to this beautiful city.

How To Get There

Canakkale is well connected by air, road, and sea. The closest airport to Canakkale is the Canakkale Airport, which is located about 4 km away from the city center. Another option is to fly into Istanbul and then take a bus or a car to Canakkale, which is about 320 km away. Canakkale is also accessible by ferry from Istanbul, which is a scenic way to reach the city.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Canakkale is between May and October, when the weather is warm and pleasant. During this time, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and outdoor activities that Canakkale has to offer. The months of July and August are the busiest months, as this is the peak tourist season.

Top attractions ın Canakkale

Troy Ancient City

Troy Ancient City, which is located about 30 km south of Canakkale, is one of the most famous ancient cities in the world. It is known for the Trojan War, which is depicted in Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad. Troy Ancient City has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-visit destination for history buffs.

Canakkale-Trojan horse
Gallipoli Peninsula

The Gallipoli Peninsula is a historic site that is located on the western coast of the Dardanelles, and it played a critical role in World War I. It was the site of a major battle between the Allied Forces and the Ottoman Empire, and it is now a national park and a memorial site for the soldiers who lost their lives in the battle.

Canakkale-Turkish Memorial
Canakkale-Anzac Memorial
Canakkale Naval Museum

The Canakkale Naval Museum is a must-visit destination for those who are interested in naval history. It showcases the history of the Ottoman Navy and the Turkish Navy, and it has a vast collection of artifacts, including warships, submarines, and weapons.

World War I Turkish Submarine
Assos Ancient City

Assos Ancient City, which is located about 90 km south of Canakkale, is a beautiful ancient city that is perched on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is known for its well-preserved ruins, including a temple of Athena and an ancient theater.

Asos Ancient City - Canakkale
Bozcaada Island

Bozcaada Island is a small island that is located off the coast of Canakkale, and it is known for its stunning beaches, charming villages, and vineyards. It is a perfect destination for those who want to relax and unwind.

Canakkale Watch Tower

What To Do In The City

Explore the Old Town

The Canakkale Old Town is a charming area that is filled with narrow streets, historic buildings, and traditional Turkish restaurants. It is a perfect place to explore on foot and get a taste of the local culture.

Go to the Canakkale Market

The Canakkale Market is a bustling market that is located in the heart of the city, and it is a great place to sample some of the local food and shop for souvenirs. The market is open every day except for Sundays, and it is a great place to experience the local culture.

Visit the Canakkale Clock Tower

The Canakkale Clock Tower is an iconic landmark that is located in the heart of the city. It was built in 1897 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s accession to the throne. It is a beautiful example of Ottoman architecture. Visitors can climb to the top of the tower to enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Canakkale Watch Tower
Take a Boat Tour of the Dardanelles

The Dardanelles is a narrow strait that connects the Aegean Sea to the Marmara Sea, and it has played an important role in the history of Turkey. A boat tour of the Dardanelles is a common attraction for travellers. Visitors can also see the Gallipoli Peninsula and the historic forts that were built along the strait.

Relax on the Beaches

Canakkale is surrounded by beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Some of the most popular beaches in the area include Kucukkuyu, Geyikli, and Assos.


tips for visitors

Check the local currency: The local currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira. Make sure to check the exchange rate and have some local currency on hand for taxis, street vendors, and other local expenses. These days currency rate is changing so fast 🙁

Use public transportation: Canakkale has a good public transportation system, including buses and ferries. It’s an affordable and convenient way to get around the city. Also Çanakkale is not too crowded, so it will be easier to use public transportation.

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