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Best Things To Buy In Turkey

Turkey is a haven for shoppers, offering a plethora of unique and traditional items to choose from best things to buy in Turkey. From exquisite hand-woven Turkish rugs to mouthwatering spices and sweets, there’s something that suits every taste and preference. Be it the lively markets of Istanbul or quiet towns of the coastal strip along the Aegean, there’s always something that catches the attention of shoppers.

So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable shopping experience in Turkey. Here is a list of best things to buy in Turkey:

1. Turkish rugs and carpets

A visit to Turkey isn’t complete without experiencing its renowned handmade rugs and carpets. These artistic textiles are more than just decorative pieces. They represent an essential part of the Turkish culture and history. Throughout the years, these brightly and intricately patterned rugs have captivated art collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. If you are looking for best things to buy in Turkey, you may have found it.

Originally crafted from wool and cotton by nomadic tribes, Turkish rugs evolved to include silk, adding even more depth and complexity to the designs. Today, highly-skilled artisans continue to use traditional hand-knotting techniques passed down through generations to create these stunning rugs and carpets.

From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the picturesque Aegean coast, be sure to add a stop at a Turkish rug vendor to your itinerary, and discover the beauty and history behind these incredible textiles.

2. Turkish tea and coffee sets

Experiencing Turkish hospitality is incomplete without taking part in a traditional tea or coffee ceremony. In Turkey, tea, or “Çay,” is the national beverage and holds a special place in Turkish culture. Equally popular is Turkish coffee, a strong, dark, and flavorful creation enjoyed for centuries.

To fully appreciate the Turkish way of life, buying a traditional tea or coffee set is a one of the best things to buy in Turkey. These sets are available in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from handcrafted copper models to modern glass sets. Matching trays and sugar bowls complement many tea and coffee sets.

In summary, sharing tea or coffee is a fundamental part of the Turkish social scene and an excellent way to experience authentic Turkish hospitality. Purchasing a traditional tea or coffee set on your next visit to Turkey means bringing home a living history It’s a fantastic way to reminisce and honor your exceptional travel experience, the next time you enjoy a hot drink with family and friends.

Copper tea sets in Turkey

3. Turkish sweets such as baklava and Turkish delight

When traveling to Turkey, experiencing the country’s diverse cuisine is a top priority for many. Turkish sweets like baklava and Turkish delight should be on your list. Baklava has layers of filo pastry, honey, and pistachios, while Turkish Delight is a sugar and cornstarch based candy, flavored with rosewater or orange.

Both desserts are deeply rooted in Ottoman Empire history and are served with tea. These traditional treats are must-haves to elevate your culinary journey in Turkey. From the busy streets of Istanbul to the serene beaches of Bodrum, indulging in these delights is a memorable experience that you won’t forget.

What are the best things to buy in Turkey for your family or friends? You should suprise them when you return to home with such a delicious treats.

4. Turkish ceramics and pottery

If you’re looking for unique souvenirs to add cultural flare to your home, Turkish ceramics and pottery make a great choice to one of the best things to buy in Turkey. These functional and decorative pieces date back to the Ottoman Empire, and each region has distinct styles and techniques. From intricately designed plates to cups, Turkish ceramics come in many forms.

Centers for production include Iznik, Kutahya, and Avanos, but you can find them all over Turkey.

You can also find pottery studios and workshops that offer demonstrations and lessons throughout the country. Collecting Turkish ceramics and pottery offers an opportunity to incorporate Turkey’s rich diversity into your own home. From classic Ottoman design to contemporary styles, there’s something for everyone. Don’t leave Turkey without picking up a souvenir or two!

Turkish ceramics as one of the best things to buy in Turkey as a gift
Turkish ceramics as one of the best things to buy in Turkey as a gift

5. Spices from the Spice Market in Istanbul

The Spice Market, also called the Egyptian Bazaar, is a famous spot in Istanbul where you can buy various spices and teas. The market has been around for 350 years and is one of the city’s top tourist destinations.

You can explore the market and smell various herbs and spices like cinnamon, mint, and saffron. Interact with vendors and bargain for the best price while trying free samples. The displays are eye-catching, and you might end up buying more than you planned. A visit to the Spice Market is a must-do in Istanbul.

Turkish spices

6. Turkish olive oil and olive soap

Turkey is known for its high-quality production of olive oil and olive soap. The olive oil has a rich flavor and offers several health benefits. It is frequently used in Turkish cuisine and skincare products to provide natural moisture. Many families in Turkey produce their olive oil, and it is available in most markets and grocery shops.

Olive soap, made from olive oil, is another famous product in Turkey. It has natural ingredients, making it gentle for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. It does not contain harsh chemicals, making it eco-friendly. Olive soaps are usually sold in the form of small green cubes and are available in various markets and specialty shops in Turkey.

They make perfect souvenirs or gifts to take back home. So, if you’re in Turkey, make sure to try their renowned olive oil and olive soap and experience their excellent quality for yourself.

Handmade olive soaps

7. Hand-painted ceramics from Iznik

Iznik, a western Turkish town, is the origin of world-renowned handmade ceramics noted for their exceptional craftsmanship and beauty. These exquisite ceramics became in demand during the Ottoman Empire, mainly among the rich and royalty. Up to this day, collectors and tourists visit Iznik to purchase these stunning ceramics.

The ceramics from Iznik are famous for their vibrant colors, intricate designs, and beautiful patterns. Every piece is hand-painted, ensuring that each ceramic is a unique work of art that cannot be replicated. These features are enough to make them one of the best things to buy in Turkey. The production of Iznik ceramics is a time-consuming process, necessitating great skill and precise work. The pottery undergoes multiple kiln firings, with each stage applied carefully. The ceramics’ surface is coated with white slip, and after drying, painted intricately with mineral pigments mixed with water for maximum vibrancy.

The Iznik ceramics are easily available in markets and shops throughout Turkey, and they offer great souvenirs and gifts to take back home. They are suitable for display as decorative pieces and everyday use due to their style and durability. With history and beauty merged into one, Iznik ceramics should be on every traveler’s must-see list while exploring Turkey.

8. Turkish lamps and lanterns

Turkish lamps and lanterns offer a unique and captivating selection of handcrafted products in Turkey. Copper, glass, and other materials are used to create various shapes and designs of lighting fixtures. Originating from the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century, these lamps are renowned for their intricate patterns and stunning colors.

The filigree technique is commonly used to create Turkish lampshades, where thin copper wires are woven into elaborate designs. The glass is then cut into pieces of different shapes and sizes, colored, and set into a metal frame. The result is a beautiful and vibrant illumination that casts enchanting shadows and creates a warm, romantic ambiance.

Turkish lamps and lanterns are perfect for spicing up indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a touch of luxury and comfort. They have become popular in restaurants, patios, and gardens worldwide, bringing a soothing, inviting effect to their environments.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, among other markets and shops in Turkey, offers a vast selection of Turkish lamps and lanterns that serve as perfect gifts or souvenirs. These lighting fixtures are unique works of art that capture the essence of Turkish culture. They are definetely one of the best things to buy in Turkey as a gift.

Overall, Turkish lamps and lanterns are stunning lighting fixtures that create an enchanted, relaxing atmosphere at home or any other setting. These handcrafted products offer a way of embracing Turkish culture while elevating modern interior decor.

Lamps and lanterns in Grand Bazaar

9. Handmade jewelry, particularly from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Turkey’s tradition of handmade jewelry dates back centuries, and the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the ultimate destination to find unique and stunning pieces. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with precision using materials like gold, silver, copper, and semi-precious stones.

Turkish jewelry-making is considered an art form, and Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar offers a vast selection of traditional and contemporary designs. From filigree to enamel work, the variations in jewelry-making techniques are endless.

At the Grand Bazaar and other smaller markets in Turkey, skilled artisans produce charming and unusual pieces of handmade jewelry that reflect the essence of Turkish culture. The intricate designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and attention to detail make Turkish jewelry an interesting item for those who treasure the beauty of handcrafted pieces.

Acquiring Turkish handmade jewelry ensures you own a timeless work of art that will last for years, and the perfect way to own a unique keepsake that reflects Turkey’s ancient tradition of handcrafted jewelry.

Handmade jewels in Turkey
Handmade jewels in Turkey

10. Leather goods such as jackets, bags, and shoes

We have reached our last item in the list of best things to buy in Turkey. Turkey’s reputation for producing high-quality leather goods is world-renowned. From jackets and bags to shoes and belts, the country has a rich tradition in leather production. Turkish artisans use their craftsmanship to create exceptional, stylish, and durable products.

Leather jackets in Turkey are especially popular, made from the highest quality materials like lamb, cow, and sheep skin, and come in various styles for everyone’s preferences. Turkish leather bags also offer a wide range of designs, from sleek briefcases to trendy backpacks.

With a range of stylish and unique leather products, Turkish leather goods are for anyone who wants to have distinguished items in their wardrobe. Whether it’s a jacket, a bag, or a pair of shoes, there is something to suit everyone’s style and budget.

In conclusion, Turkey’s tradition of leather making is a national treasure. The country’s talented and experienced craftsmen pour their hearts and souls into the creation of each piece, ensuring exceptional quality, design, and durability. Turkey’s leather goods have gained world reputation, and every piece makes for an excellent investment.

Leather Products in Turkey

It’s hard to choose just one thing that summarizes the best products to buy in Turkey because there are so many! From the intricate and handcrafted textiles to the traditional ceramics and glassware. It’s hard not to be amazed by the talent and creativity of Turkish artisans.

The delicately woven rugs and carpets, the beautiful jewelry, and the high-quality leather goods all reflect the rich cultural heritage of Turkey.

In the end whether you’re looking for something unique to take home or a practical and stylish everyday item, Turkey’s markets and bazaars offer a range of products that are sure to capture your attention and imagination.

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