The Tüccar Han Church

This is a lodge with Byzantine accommodation. (The Byzantine period used as a church is very likely due to the shape and use of the area.) The building in the bazaar section of the Kitirler neighbourhood has two storeys, the lower floor is the animal shelter, the shopping centre and the coffee house is the upper floor, and the top level includes the accommodation rooms. Entering the building through a door that is large enough to enter the carriage and the Suvari in the south passes into a large open courtyard. Around the courtyard are the west and north facades of the lower floor and wooden columns surround the east facade. This section is suitable for rest and shopping. There are two wooden staircases upstairs and bedrooms.

Gerede Kitiller neighbourhood Saraçlar Street, although this is not clear when the inn is made, towards the end of the XIX. decades is understood from the architectural style.

The inn is rectangular and has a long entrance door on the southern part of the building and a long entrance to the inner courtyard. The cells are arranged in two layers around the courtyard. The lower floors have stables, and the upper floors are the rooms where caravan passengers stay. These rooms are covered with a barrel vault. There are eight cells on the western edge of the inn and two on the northern boundary. The ones on the eastern side were demolished and then renovated and lost their characteristics.

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