Ilıca Beach

Located on the shore of Çeşme and 5 km from Çeşme on the coast of the sea, the Ilica beach and spa is one of the most interesting and hardest ones to find in the world. The temperature of the waters is around 58 degrees.

Ilica Beach Information

When you go to Ilica, you cannot return without eating from the famous hot saucepan. You can buy vegetables that are hormone-free in the market place every day. If you wish, you can have a pleasant meal with your friends in the self-catering style promenade places. When you come to Ilıcaya, you can visit the castle in Zeytinli, the three cold-spring cold fountains and the Kavaklı gardens. You can also visit the cemetery in the barracks.

Thermal waters of the heat include sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. These components are useful in the treatment of rheumatism, metabolic disease, rickets, gout, gynaecological diseases, urinary tract, liver, and skin diseases. For this purpose, many people come to search for healing water. You don’t have to wait for the summer to go to this beautiful beach. It is a place that opens early in the season because of its heat. The beauty of the beach, the sea is not satisfied with the course of the waves of the course of the face of the human face.

Ilıca’s Beach Sand and Sea How?

There are two types of sea temperature in Çeşme. The northern coast is warm, while the southern coast is colder. The reason for this is the hot springs source come from the hot water on the seafloor. Hundreds of hot springs were identified in the middle of the sea.

The most beautiful sandy beaches of the fountain are extended in this region. The oldest people in the region go into the water when the sea is calm. Rockfish continue to swim under your feet without paying attention.

Ilıca Beach Entrance Fee

Ilıca public beach entrance is free. If you want sunbeds, you can get paying 10 TL fee. Other paid beaches are 15 TL entrance fees, and sunbeds are included.

Where and How to go to Ilica Beach?

The beach is located in the province of İzmir. After you enter the Çeşme highway from İzmir, you can reach Ilıca by going from the motorway to Alaçatı.

Izmir Ilica is approximately 85 km away and takes about 1 hour with your vehicle. Cesme Ilica is around 4 km away. It takes approximately 5 minutes by car.

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