Hacı Memiş Street

Hacı Memiş Street, which is very close to the Mosque Place and Alaçatı Square; It is among the number one preferences of those who want to get away from the noise and crowds. Kemalpaşa street, which is not as crowded and touristic, offers a decent image with the attention of its inhabitants and mainly with its wooden and glass details suitable for its historical texture. Hacı Memiş Sokağı, which has been completely cleaned of the places that broadcast loud music; The restaurant and boutique hotels that try to host their guests at home warmth, reflects the calm spirit of Alaçatı together with the carefully selected design and clothing boutiques, art galleries that bring together beautiful ceramics and paintings.

1 – Bird Cage

The Bird Cage, which is one of the most popular cafes of Hacimemis, manages to attract you even as you are passing by. With its own unique decoration, both a vintage shop and a café, you can first take a look at the decorative items around you and then have a nice cup of coffee on the side seats. Home-made mint lemonade with distinctive flavours and the lemon sorbet you will admire is one of the must-try. I am sure you will spend hours in this charming place where you will be interested in every detail.

2 – Rue 1387

The most interesting and newest concept store of Hacımemiş is Rue 1387; The collection of accessories, furniture, lighting and works of foreign photographers from different countries and combines the old and modern concepts. Most of the products collected mainly from England, France and Spain are brought from the UK. This place, which takes you to different places in every detail, also has a backyard. Everything inside was tastefully selected as a whole and separately; cute teddy bears, collection books, paintings, lampshades, each worth seeing. Especially if you are interested in decoration, I suggest you add it to your list of things to visit.

3 – Time

Alacati is one of the classics of antique and old-fashioned shops selling the most; Once upon a time. When you see the coloured lampshades and decorations. It is particularly worth visiting each of the many valuable and unique antique coffee cups section. When you examine them one by one, you will admire each of these cups, as well as the back of the coloured enamelled cupboards as if it was from a film set. This place, where the old lovers can spend time with pleasure, will definitely impress you with both its name and concept.

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