Delikli Bay

Alacati’s Hidden Treasure

Alaçatı, which has become a brand in Turkish tourism in recent years, has been flooded with visitors, especially in the summer months. Alaçatı, whose name was given to the summit at the summit with the name of Bodrum, Alaçatı; is a holiday destination with its boutique stone hotels, begonville streets, design workshops, beautiful cafes and restaurants, entertainment venues, sea, sand, sun and surf alternatives.

With Alaçatı being so popular, it is hard to find even a place to stay in the touristic town in the low season, a table to sit and even to eat food. The fact that Alacati does not even have a ball of ice cream during the Ot Festival is the most prominent example of how people pay attention to this beautiful place.

Alaçatı has so much interest, and it is crowded, especially on weekends, forcing many people to discover new places. The new address of those who do not want to spend their holiday or self in a crowded place but do not want to leave Alaçatı. This bay, also known as Delikli Bay, has become one of the escape routes of Alaçatı and Çeşme.

A few years ago, no one knew the name of Alacati Delikli Bay, which is far from the crowds, where there is no stress and the city noises.

When you look at the view of the hill dominating the bay, with its magnificent blue seas. To understand where the name of Alaçatı Perforated Sheep comes from the beach, you need to go down to the seaside and look at the rock shapes a little closer.

For many years, the waves eroded by grizzly waves have been the biggest helpers of the impressive landscape. The hole in the middle of the sea, and the hole in the rock at the point where the sea and the sea are integrated is where the name sheep came from. This rock, at the same time separates two different dark into the middle.

What to do in the bay

It is possible to sunbathe on the beach covered with pebbles and enjoy the sea. In addition to this, especially if you are prepared for a picnic, barbecue activities such as can be done. During my visit in April, when the season didn’t start yet, I was able to take a couple’s portable tables and chairs, enjoy a barbecue, and enjoy a romantic dinner with a raki. Also, couples who come to the cemetery with a wedding, engagement or special days can give life to the beautiful photo frames in this virgin landscape.


To go to the perforated cross, you have to overcome several hills. No public transport vehicles have reached the bay yet. If you don’t have a private car, you need to enter Alaçatı Port and walk from thereon. The distance between Alaçatı Port and Perforated Bay is 3.6 km. Following a round trip from the port towards the coast, you arrive at the path on the left, 500 meters from the Alkoclar Exclusive Alacati, and on the left, into the path of the bay. This path can cause damage to the undercarriage of low cars. So we need to park the car at the entrance of the path and walk towards the bay. The municipal garbage container at the entrance of the track can ensure that you are coming to the right place. The most guaranteed method is to come to zero by starting the port.

Hollowed out?

Alacati’s hidden paradise, Delikli Koy is one of the most beautiful stops in Izmir for travellers who want to explore new places.

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