Dalyanköy is one of the villages of Çeşme, İzmir, and became a district of Çeşme with the Metropolitan Law. It is located 4 kilometres from the town centre. The neighbourhood attracts attention with its unique houses, harbour, natural structure, unique beaches and cultural heritage. A typical Aegean fishing village, this area welcomes many visitors during the summer months.

Places to Visit in Dalyanköy

İzmir Dalyanköy is an old Greek village, but when the Greeks migrated from the region, the Turks from the Balkans were settled. The old name is Köste. The word Dalyan means channel. When the Turks were placed in the region, the name changed. It is one of the rare villages which still maintains its historical structure in terms of cultural and architectural aspects. It has been known as a fishing village for many years because it has a natural harbour. Today, fish restaurants in the region are frequently preferred. In addition to its magnificent nature and crystal clear sea, it is also prominent with its entertainment venues.

On the other hand, a church from the Greeks in Dalyanköy was converted into a mosque and is still used. At the entrance of the neighbourhood, there is a chapel remaining from that time. There are also a few Greek houses in the village. They are separated from other dwellings by their architectural structures.

Dalyan is the name of the great and natural harbour here. The largest fishing shelter in the area is located in this area. When tourism started to develop in the region, a marina was built.

Dalyanköy Beaches

On the Dalyanköy coast, the sand is thin, and the sea is cold. The nearby Ilica Beach, on the other hand, has warm water. For those who want to cool off in the summer, Dalyanköy’s sea is one-to-one. One of the unique beaches in Dalyanköy is The Kocakarı Beach. It is located on the northwest side of the peninsula where Cesme. It is the first beach encountered in Dalyanköy. Its calm structure and unique sea are preferred. The other beach is Ali Bostan Beach. There is a public beach with sunbeds that can be rented in the area. Like other beaches, it is quiet and beautiful. This area runs a business that fits the prices. Finally, Sera Beach is located in Sera Bay. It is a preferred beach with its natural beauty and calmness. Seawater is warm. It has a shallow structure without much wave. The entrance fee is located on the beach, plays music during the day and has an extensive menu.

Esinti Bay

Esinti Bay is located between Çeşme Dalyan and Aya Yorgi which is very close to here. It is reached by a narrow dirt road. The sea and nature are lush and quiet. It is also important to have a pristine area around it. The sea is almost undulating and clear. A high hill in the region can be reached by going to the right of the bay. This hill forms a spectacular view, visible from the Esinti Bay, Aya Yorgi Bay and Ilıca Bay.

Where is Çeşme Dalyanköy? How to go?

Dalyanköy is one of the neighbourhoods of Çeşme, İzmir. 5 kilometres from the town centre. It can be reached by going to Çeşme first. Public transport from the centre of the city can be reached quickly by public transport.

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