Bolu Seben Lake

Bolu Seben Lake is one of the unique natures of our country. Bolu Seben Lake takes its visitors to another atmosphere with its unique scenery and air. The eyes in the world seem to be a table as known. Bolu Seben Lake is one of these paintings. One of the places I would definitely recommend you to visit if you didn’t. The noise of the city, work stress, car horns aside and the sound of birds and trees to enjoy the lake to enjoy the sound will come as a therapy.

Where is Bolu Seben Lake?

The town of Seben is located 56 km south of Bolu. However, you can reach the lake area at 32 km. There are a total of 29 villages in the district. The name of the district is said to be taking the Seben mountain. Lake Seben is the largest lake in the Black Sea region and is 4 times the size of Lake Abant. Boat and canoe tours are also available near the lake, with historical rocks and caves nearby. Bolu Seben Lake is of great importance for tourism. The construction of Lake Seben began in 2006. Bolu Seben Lake, which was opened to tourism in 2010, has occurred artificially and 20 million cubic meters of water has been collected. Cyprus is located in the east of the region, in the western region Mudurnu, in the North Bolu, in the south of the province of Ankara Nallıhan district. If you have time, I say go. Good trips already.

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