Bolu Hot Springs

Due to its geological features, Bolu hosts numerous geothermal water springs and thermal springs. Bolu spas have been actively used for centuries. In fact, one of these hot springs, Evliya Celebi, is even mentioned in the travelogue.

1. Karacasu Thermal Springs

Karacasu Thermal Springs, located 5 km away from the central area of ​​Bolu, which has an important place in terms of thermal tourism, is located on the skirts of Seben Mountains. In the Karacasu region, offering a tranquil atmosphere of relaxation among forests, there are facilities that offer thermal facilities.

The water temperature of the Karacasu Thermal Springs is 42-44 degrees and the Ph value is 6.3. The waters coming out of this hot spring are suitable for bathing and drinking cures.

2. Babas Spa

Babas Spa, located 5 km from the Mudurnu district of Bolu bulunuynun, is located near Gürçam Village. The hot spring water from the travertines seen here has a temperature of 40 degrees.

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3. Sarotic Spa

Sarot Spa, located in the village of Ilıca in the Mudurnu district, has been in use for more than 1500 years. There is even a historical bath in the spa. Facilities for thermal facilities are available in the area.

The temperature of the water from the Sarot Hot Spring is 66 degrees. The water of this hot spring is in the bitter waters group. It can be used for both drinking and bath treatments.

4. Pavlu (Kesenözü) Spa

Pavlu Hot Spring, located in the Seben district of Bolu, is located in the village of Kesenözü. This area is also known as Kesenözü Hot Spring. You can benefit from the water of the Pavlu Spa by staying in the thermal facilities in the surrounding area. The temperature of the hot spring water used as bath cure is 78 degrees.

5. Çatak Spa

The Çatak Spa, located near the village of Himmetoğlu, is located in a beautiful valley in Göynük. The water of the hot spring, which is believed to have survived since the Romans, is measured as 32 degrees.

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Bolu Highlands

There are 383 highlands in Bolu city, which has a serious potential in transhumance. Bolu plateaus located on the fertile plains on the mountains covered with lush forests, attracts attention with the beauties of East Black Sea plateaus.

1. Aladağ Highlands

Aladağ Highlands, about 30 km south of Bolu. These highlands, with lush flat areas on the mountain slopes, offer a beautiful setting for picnics.

During your visit to Aladağ Highlands, you can take a walk along the coast of Aladağ Pond and spend some time on mountain biking and walking trails. The plateaus, which offer camping facilities, stand out in the highlands of Değirmenözü, Sarıalan, Gölcük, Ardıçtepe and Üstyaka.

Places to visit in Bolu Aladag Highlands winter landscape

2. Kızık Plateau

Kizık Plateau, which attracts attention with its different architecture, is located on Seben road. The houses on the plateau without any nails, clamps and interlocking in the form of the shape, the original items used in homes and large hearths gave the plateau a unique atmosphere.

3. Horse Plateau

There are 7 highlands with an elevation of 1150 m and 1250 m. At the plateau is the most prominent plateau among these plateaus. It lies 12 km north of Bolu. The plateau is home to the horses, a pond, stream and water, such as the beauty of beauty.

Famous for its cherries, The plateau offers a beautiful setting surrounded by orchards. Traditional Cherry Festival Festivals are organized in this region every year.

Places to visit in Bolu Horse Plateau

4. Sarıalan Highlands

Located on the Kartalkaya road, 20 km from the center of Bolu, the Sarıalan Plateaus stand out as a group of highlands with 14 highlands. Among these plateaus, especially Serpil Plateau stands out. The pond on this plateau offers a really nice atmosphere for visitors. Sarıalan Highlands, picnic and nature walks to have a pleasant environment.

5. Gerede Highlands

The plateaus in the southern part of Gerede are located at an altitude of 1200 m and 150 m. Sevalan Plateau, Hasbeyler Plateau, Rumşah Plateau, Hacıveli Plateau and Yünlü Plateau stand out among the Gerede plateaus in the Arkut Mountains.

Bolu Attractions Gerede Highlands

6. Göynük Highlands

The most prominent Göynük Plateaus are the Karacabey Plateau, Çubuk Plateau, Değirmenözü Plateau and Kaşıkçı Plateau. These plateaus are located between 1000 m and 1500 m. These plateaus, which have an important place in terms of tourism with their natural beauties, are also important areas in animal husbandry.

7. Kibris Plateau

Located on the southern slopes of the Köroğlu Mountains, the highlands of Cyprus, Belen Plateau, Karaköy Plateau, Kökez Plateau, Bölücekkaya Plateau and Karadoğan Plateau stand out. The Devevira, Tenbel and Ardalan plateaus at an altitude of 1825 m can also be visited.

8. Mengen Highlands

Mengen Plateaus in the region which has proved its natural beauty with its forests and promenade areas are among the prominent ones such as Agalar Plateau, Eğriova Plateau, Akcakoca Plateau, Aktepe Plateau, Avsar Plateau, Plateau Plateau, Lake Plateau, Kucukkuz Plateau, Mamatlar Plateau and Sirikli Plateau.

9. Mudurnu Highlands

Mudurnu Plateaus, located in Bolu, south of Abant Lake, has become quite popular recently with its magnificent nature and camp facilities. Especially Pürenli Plateau is frequently visited by nature lovers. The prominent plateaus of Mudurnu include Balıklı Plateau, Sinekli Plateau, Hera Yayla and Ilıca Plateau.

Places to visit in Bolu Pürenli Yaylası

10. Seben Highlands

Located at an altitude of 1400 m and gathered around Mount Kiraz, the Seben Plateaus are of great importance in terms of tourism. Around the Lake Seben, such as Dedeler, Alpagut, Solaklar and Kozyaka are visited. Gerenözü and Kızık plateaus also attract attention in this region.

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