Altınkum Beach

The most colourful, fun zone of the Aegean is the Çesme Beaches where the sun smiles. You’ll see beautiful beaches lined up along the 29-kilometre long coastline. If you have a long holiday, you can spend your time on another beach every day. The unique golden yellow sands, the blue sea and you feel like you’re in a fairy tale with the wind blowing all the time.

Do you want to get away from the chaos of big cities, throw the fatigue of the year in the blue waters, sunbathe on the beaches where the sun heats you, rent the yachts, visit the stunning bays, surf the waves, read your book with the sounds of birds as you lie on a hammock? Your’e dream can come true because Çeşme beaches are ready to put all these beauties in front of you. If you are someone like me, you will love to come here and enjoy the sun.

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