Alaçatı Windmills

Alaçatı town of Çeşme, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations of İzmir, is famous for its breezy weather. Alaçatı Windmills, which have become the symbol of Alaçatı with its long history of 150 years, are now visited by local and foreign tourists for tourism purposes.

Alaçatı Windmills, which are used to grind wheat in a place with plenty of wind like Alaçatı, greet us at the entrance of Alaçatı. A part of Alaçatı’s Windmills, which has been restored under the protection of Çeşme Municipality, now serves as a restaurant and café.

Alaçatı Windmills were built on four small hills with different sizes, stand out as stone structures dating from the 1850s. It is especially ideal for watching the sunset and taking photos Alacati Windmills.

Do not forget to visit and photograph the Alaçatı Windmills during your first Alaçatı trip. We wish you a pleasant holiday.

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