Alaçatı Port

With the start of the Port Alaçatı project, the improvement in the natural rock took place slowly; the freshwater flow was provided to the region, and natural life started to come back to this region with each year. People are now not surprised to see the fish thrown into the skies from the water, flamingo and other magnificent heron birds visiting the region during the winter months. The realization of such a new settlement project, as well as being able to resurrect the natural life in the region, is the greatest pride of the Port Alaçatı team.

Like the project itself, its history and inspiration is an unusual story. This story begins on the famous Cote D veAzur coast of France.

In France, where most tourists are touring, most of you, you can imagine that this is the Eiffel Tower. But do you know what the second most visited place is? Port Grimaud!

Port Grimaud, a residential project that started in the 1960s, has been a first in the way of reforming the swamp in a river mouth as well as being a harbour settlement to the Mediterranean with its canals.

The architects of Port Grimaud discovered the land of Port Alaçatı many years ago, and today they are the architectural and technical consultant of Port Alaçatı. With 40 years of experience, we have been able to develop Port Alacati with a more modern and more conscious environment and make it a more sensitive and aesthetic centre than Port Grimaud.

In addition to the French architecture group, Port Alaçatı is an advantage of being developed with very talented, creative and experienced Turkish architectural bureaus.

The modern synthesis of the Turkish, Aegean and Mediterranean architectures is in its personality, so Port Alaçatı Türk.

All facades are different and original. Every building just has its own personality. For years unwillingly uniformity in the construction site, which also adopted the concept in Turkey, though, Port Alacati, no uniformity that this first project.

The purpose of Port Alaçatı is not only to address aesthetics and environmental awareness but also to provide a very special and exclusive lifestyle to the host. All of the services given in Port Alaçatı are planned for this purpose. Soon it plans to host a wide range of sports facilities, including 18-hole golf courses, shopping, schools, health centres, Port Alaçatı.

The lifestyle and environment that you have longed for years are waiting for you in Port Alaçatı.

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