Alaçatı Kemalpaşa Street

Alaçatı, a town of Çeşme, which is one of the popular holiday destinations of İzmir, has recently become a place where local and foreign tourists visit. Alaçatı Kemalpaşa Street is also officially the heart of this beautiful town.

You won’t have a chance to drive through the street anyway. Because almost all of Alaçatı venues are listed on this street-facing. Even chairs and tables are now overflowing to the streets.

There are high-quality restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops and handicrafts selling handcrafted jewellery in Alaçatı Kemalpaşa Street. It is down the street, which is very crowd, especially during evening hours.

Although it has become a step away from the crowds, there is a peaceful atmosphere of Alaçatı Kemalpaşa Street. You can also spend some time in Alaçatı Kemalpaşa Street in Alaçatı and watch the crowds flowing from the street. We wish you a pleasant holiday.

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