Alaçatı Bazaar

Alaçatı Bazaar, which is established in a vast place every Saturday; fascinates travellers with its natural and organic products and colourful bustle. You can buy many souvenirs of handicrafts in the market, where you can find delicious vegetables and fruits, fragrant spices and delicious local tastes produced by the locals. As you wander among hand made jams don’t forget to taste the products made from chewing gum in Çeşme for the first time 6000 years ago. The gum jam, which has a particularly soft textured, is ideally suited to Turkish coffee, which has a rich aroma with its sparkling taste. If you are going to take a break at Alaçatı, you can order a cup of Turkish coffee and a glass of cold water next to it( every coffee shop gives water as a complimentary). Moreover, there is also a sandwich called Kumru which is unique to Çeşme; Izmir, tomato and green pepper, or sausage cooked in charcoal, salami and cheddar cheese together with tomatoes, mayonnaise and ketchup accompanied by the Turkish coffee on the quarry can enjoy more.

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