Aktaş Tomb

Bolu Province, Central District, Samarkand street, ten maps, 289 islands, 91 – 116 are located in the area. Next to the left side of the mosque, a square plan with the front and right rear of the vault covered with inserts were made. There are three bronze realms on the roof. There are 5 sarcophagi in the tomb. The Sandukas belong to the Anatolian saints, the Shabaniyye Order and the Aktaş Mosque Dergah Şıhı Şeyh Hacı Mustafa Safiyüddin Efendi (1784-1846), his son Sheikh Hacı Nasrullah Efendi and his followers Şair Mehmet Faik Efendi, Samuncu Şıhı and Kalaycı Şıhliya.

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