Akkaya Travertines

Akkaya Travertines are among the natural beauties of Bolu. Just like Pamukkale Travertines, this place is a place where you can drink the soda water that comes out in the natural formation process and that you can admire with the near-white images.

Akkaya Travertines are produced by means of rich water as content. Carbon gas in the water is flying and lime leaves. That creates a travertine that we see in the field, in the field. The travertines in Pamukkale, Denizli have been formed for centuries and still continue to form these travertines. Although not as large as Pamukkale, Bolu must be among the places worth seeing.

Once inside, you will encounter a large swimming pool. You can enter the pool, but since it has a separate business inside, there is an extra charge. The pool staff said that the pool water was cleaned daily and emptied and renewed once a month. The swimming pool is one of the hot spots of Bolulular heat especially during the summer season. Entrance fee for Akkaya Travertines is 10TL. Children up to 12 years old can benefit from the pool free of charge.

There is a difference between women and men in water use. The large pool area was closed for women with a large panel. Next to the pool there are small pools where you can put your feet in soda water. These pools are also divided into male and female. You can drink the soda water from the water springs from this region because of the soda water. You can even fill in bottles, but you still need to drink freshly, and then they may not taste the same.

It is forbidden to enter the pools above Akkaya Travertines. You can go down a short path of the slope and examine the small cave-like cavities on the travertines. On the slope, there are gray spots and currents. Akkayalar dirty, polluted.

The grassy area of ​​the area, the upper side of the travertines, is arranged as a picnic area. If you bring your ingredients, you can have a picnic on the wooden tables and barbecue. A road passes under the travertines and a forest area begins after the road. Behind those forests you see while picnicking, there is also a view of Bolu city center.

The entrance fee for Akkaya Travertines is 2TL per person. Akkaya Travertines are open until 17:00 in winter season and 20:00 in summer season.

Akkaya Travertines, Bolu is located in the southwest of the center. Bolu Bilecik road on the way to Mudurnu natural form of Bolu 11km (20min) distance. It can be seen from the road passing by the village of Çepni. When you enter the sign on the road, you can go to the entrance of the travertines. There is a parking space at the end of the road. There was no charge for us.

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