Abant Lake

Some Important Features of Abant Lake Nature Park and Wildlife Development Area.

Crater and accumulation lake. Natural Park’s height above sea level is between 1400 m. – 1700 m. The area around the lake is about 1500 m. height.

On 21 October 1988, the Cabinet of Ministers declared the Lake Abant a Nature Park.

The width of the Lake Abant is 127 hectares; the entire natural park is 1196 hectares wide. It is a forest formed by fir, pine, beech, oak, chestnut, hornbeam, poplar and wild fruit trees.

In Lake Abant, endemic species called Abant Alası (Salmo trutta abanticus) live in freshwater. It is forbidden to catch these species.

Abant Hazelnut Mice is the only endemic species belonging to Abant Nature Park, apart from that there are also endemic species of small salamanders in Turkey.

At the same time, this region is a suitable habitat for Red Deer.

While 51 of them are endemic (regional species), 660 plant species and 150 lichen species were recorded in Abant Lake Nature Park.

How to get to Abant Lake (Abant Natural Park)?

Abant Lake is located in the west of Bolu, Mudurnu is a town of the county, is on the border of the province of Düzce. Abant Lake, in Bolu 35 km (35 minutes) from the centre, approximately 230 km (3 hours) from Ankara, about 280 km from the European side of Istanbul (5 hours, including the bridge crossing), 250 km (3.5 hours) from the Anatolian side of Istanbul. After leaving the Bolu, the West Exit (Abant Exit) tolls of the Ankara Istanbul motorway. Your arrival to Abant junction on the State Highway (E5 road) and the signs point you towards Abant. Abant junction at the south of the main road (on the sun side) 20 km after entering the road to Lake Abant. Along the road, you will see small restaurants, barbecue places, butchers and a Water Bottling Factory. If in doubt, ask someone on the road to Abant.

If you don’t have a car, you have two options to visit Lake Abant; taking the bus or by hitchhiking. The minibuses depart from the centre of Bolu every hour and take passengers from Abant junction and continue on the way to the lake. The journey from Bolu takes about 40 minutes, and in 2015 it costs 10 TL for the transport. Hitchhiking is free, but finding a vehicle will be difficult.

Other than this, you can take the Abant – Gölcük tour. You can take a day tour with a travel agency and take a trip to Abant and Gölcük. It is both more economical and more programmed.

What are the facilities, parking and other facilities in Abant?

In certain areas around the Lake Abant (picnic areas) you can barbecue, but please don’t let the fire harm the environment.

Abant Nature Park has three hotels, one motel, one indoor restaurant, one cafe on the lake and a local product’s market. Abant Lake is an ideal place for you to have a picnic with its facilities, covered and outdoor gazebos, picnic tables, toilets, bins and parking lots. All facilities are open in summer – winter.

You can’t swim in Lake Abant, because there’s a bottom stream and sticky grounds. It is forbidden to enter the lake because of its dangers.

What are the things you might need?

Fifty meters after entering the Abant Nature Park, you have a large car park on the left side of the lake. Buses stop here, the road on the left takes you to Buyuk Abant Hotel. There is a large car park and the Buyuk Abant Hotel is located between the Local Market. The large parking lot is also the starting point for carriages and those who want to ride.

Abant Houses Motel is located in front of the large car park (on your right). After entering Abant, you can drive around the lake. After entering the area, you can see the wide picnic area. 1 km from the picnic area, you come to Abant Köşk Hotel 1 km from there. then you come to Abant Çamlık Restaurant. 300 m from the restaurant, you come to the Buyuk Abant Hotel. 100 m from the hotel.

The area around the lake is approximately 7 km. Walking around the lake takes about 1.5 hours at a slow pace in spring, summer and autumn. The winter time will be 2 hours.

The road around the lake is asphalted as two buses can pass side by side. It is also suitable for walking.

You can also park on the road around the picnic area on the south-east side of the lake.

In certain areas around Lake Abant (picnic areas) you can make barbecues, but please don’t let the fire and the forest harm the environment.

There is no grocery store around Abant Lake. Therefore you will not find things like newspapers, magazines, cigarettes. Therefore you must take it with you when you go.

The hotels have pools, hammams, saunas, restaurants, etc. If you don’t want to be tanned in the sun, you have to take things like hats, glasses, sunscreen. There are coolers in the market such as bottled water, beverages and ice cream.

Abant will be a wet place for you if you go in autumn and winter.

When can I go to Abant Nature Park and Lake?

To Abant you can go any time of the year. The road is open, the facilities are operational. You can always do activities such as carriage or horse riding and cycling in Abant. It is not very crowded so that you can take photos of its stunning nature and ice. You can even enjoy sliding down the slope with a sledge, a boat, or a bonfire. Take your precaution.

In March and November, there may be some snow remaining. Fortunately, the weather is mostly sunny. They are also the best months to take photos and to breathe fresh air. Especially in November, Bolu forests have a colour change for the forest, red and red tones of the forest is one of the best interests in the month. For painters and poets, Abant is the place to get inspiration.

April, May, September, October in Abant air starts to warm up. An ideal period for a barbecue and walking. The atmosphere is balanced. Some days are rainy or cloudy, but the weather is mostly clear and sunny. April and October are the best time to fly a kite. If you want to fly a kite in May, June and October, you must go to the hills on the Mudurnu road or go to the plateaus of Çepni Village to the west of Lake Abant.

June, July, August in the short-term summer for Lake Abant means its the time for bees and flowers, the opportunity to sunbathe at 1400 meters and for those who want to tan very quickly.

We came to Abant Lake; we made a barbecue, we had dinner, we walked, we got into the coach, we slept a little in the meadow. Then we made purchases from the local market. Wood brewed tea. We put out the barbecue fire towards the evening and left Abant. We are going to take pictures and take a drink in the sunset after sunset.

In certain areas around the Lake Abant (picnic areas) you can barbecue, but please don’t let the fire and the forest harm the environment. Also, under the coordination of Yalova Municipality. As a result of all the works, Yalova City Museum was opened on 15 May 2013.

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